Labour MEPs: "We need to remain in the EU regardless of the details of whatever deal may be struck"


Ahead of David Cameron's meeting with political group leaders in the European Parliament tomorrow, Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour's Leader in the European Parliament, said:

"David Cameron can expect a frosty reception at best from MEPs. He has spent most of his six years as prime minister putting the Conservative Party's interests ahead of British interests in his relations with Europe, burning bridges with former allies and potential partners in the European Parliament in the process.

"However, colleagues across Europe want Britain to stay, so people are willing to put Mr Cameron's poor diplomacy aside and take a serious look at proposals for a deal.

"And we must remember that this referendum is not about one man, or one deal, but about the millions of working people who would be affected if we leave the EU. It is about their jobs and their rights - the millions of jobs that are dependent on our trade with the EU, and the workplace rights millions of workers enjoy as a result of our membership of the EU.

"For our economy, for our security, for our futures, we need to remain in the EU regardless of the details of whatever deal may be struck."

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