Clare Moody elected Labour's new South West MEP


Clare Moody has been elected as Labour's new MEP for the South West of England.

Clare Moody MEP said:

"I'm delighted the South West will once again have Labour representing its interests in the European Parliament, and am thrilled to be the person taking charge of that task. The South West has benefitted enormously over the years from EU investment and job creation and I will be a vocal advocate of securing more of that now I am a Labour MEP.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the campaign but now is when the real work begins. Over the last few months I have been talking to people on the doorsteps up and down the region, from the tip of Cornwall up to the Forest of Dean, and despite what the Conservatives tell you, the main issue on their minds is not leaving Europe.

"It is about how much money people have in their pockets from month to month and who is standing up for them to secure their futures. I can assure the people of the South West I will be doing just that day in day out from here on in."

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