Only hope of tackling climate emergency is to remain in EU, Labour MEP warns after election as vice-chair of environment committee


The only hope of dealing with the climate emergency is to remain in the European Union and work collaboratively to enact policies that tackle the dangers we face, a Labour MEP warned today after being elected vice-chair of the European Parliament environment committee.

Seb Dance MEP, Labour's Deputy Leader in the European Parliament and the newly elected vice-chair of the environment, public health and food safety committee, said:

“It is such an honour to be chosen as vice-chair of the environment committee. International collaboration is our only hope to dealing with the climate emergency, which is where the European Union comes in. Remaining a member of the EU is essential for this fight.

“As we transition to a climate neutral future, it is essential that we leave no one behind, and so I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Socialists and Democrats Group to ensure climate policy is progressive for the planet and for people.”

Richard Corbett MEP, Labour's Leader in the European Parliament, added:

“It is great news that Seb has been elected vice-chair of such a vital committee, whose work covers some of the most important issues we face, enacting policies that address the challenges of the future, which can only be tackled by working together across borders.

“Seb’s election shows that British MEPs are still valued members of the parliament and illustrates that we still have influence and a vital role to play - influence we can only maintain by remaining in the European Union and ensuring our voice is heard.”

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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