Remain and Reform - tell us your ideas


Labour MEPs have always worked to ensure we benefit fully from our membership of the European Union.

In the legislation for the single market, we have protected and enhanced workers’ rights, strengthened environmental, consumer and safety standards, taken action against tax avoidance, brought down costs for businesses and holidaymakers and enhanced security cooperation.

Real change that has brought real benefits to working people.

It is only by remaining in the EU, working with our socialist colleagues to reform laws and change priorities that we can deliver more progressive change. We want to ban zero-hours contracts, tax tech giants like Google and Amazon, strengthen equality legislation and work across borders to address the climate emergency before it’s too late.

Labour, with our socialist allies, have won reforms in the European Union. If the UK remains a member state we can achieve more for working people: more influence, more prosperity, new rights and protected freedoms. We can deliver more progressive change across Europe.

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