Protects the environment


Efforts to improve Europe’s natural environment have had a huge benefit to Britain. Thanks to EU law, the UK now has substantially cleaner air, rivers and bathing waters, less acid rain and lower sulphur emissions.

A number of important species of wildlife have had their habitats protected as a result of EU rules, helping to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

EU laws have also increased the sustainability of national economies. Research into renewable technologies and the introduction of strict standards for electrical appliances have helped to drastically improve Europe’s environmental record.

Cooperation between EU states has also helped to secure important agreements at global climate summits. Labour MEPs have played a key role in the run-up to the upcoming Paris summit and will continue working for ambitious global targets to tackle climate change.

Labour MEPs have also been at the forefront of the response to the recent VW emissions scandal, as well as backing limits on harmful emissions from 10,000 medium combustion plants in the UK and 130,000 more across the rest of the EU. 


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