Protecting traditional local products from copycats


Labour MEPs are backing a campaign to extend special EU geographical protections to authentic, original non-agricultural products. They voted for a report calling for the introduction of these protections at a European Parliament sitting in October and will continue working with the other EU institutions to ensure appropriate plans are quickly brought forward.

The campaign is great news for consumers and industries that are producing authentic local goods, and will make it harder for factories half way round the world to pass off cheap knock-offs as originals. The new protections could help secure the long-term future of small producers of traditional goods, contributing to the maintenance of jobs and local culture.

British products like Scottish tartan, Harris tweed, Savile Row tailors, West Midlands ceramics and Clipsham limestone may all be eligible for the same geographical protection enjoyed by Melton Mowbray pies, Cornish pasties, Wensleydale cheese, Lincolnshire sausage and Arbroath smokies.

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