EPLP at Labour Party Conference 2018

Labour's MEPs will once again be at the Labour Party Conference this autumn. This year's conference will be in Liverpool from September 23-26. We'll have a fringe event, our Europe... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must match new EU proposals to tackle plastic waste

As the European Parliament today backed a report proposing strong action to reduce plastic waste, Labour MEPs urged the UK government to match any new EU measures that come into... Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU copyright laws will ensure fair remuneration for artists while protecting online freedom

New EU copyright laws, which the European Parliament will begin negotiations on with the Commission and national governments following today’s vote, will ensure creators and publishers of copyrighted content receive... Read more

Tory MEPs support Hungary’s far-right ruler Viktor Orbán in crunch vote - will May continue to back him in Council?

Theresa May is under growing pressure over the Tories’ support today for Hungarian strongman Viktor Orbán in a crunch European Parliament vote, as MEPs voted overwhelmingly, 448-197, for action to... Read more

MEPs back Labour campaign to help workers get support to return to work after recovering from illness

The European Parliament voted today for a report calling for national governments to ensure workers have the support they need to return to work after recovering from illness and injury,... Read more

Labour MEPs: If EU leaders do not act against Orbán it will embolden others to emulate his extremism

Labour MEPs have urged the European Parliament to vote tomorrow for a proposal calling on the Council to launch infringement proceedings against Hungary for its persistent and blatant breaches of... Read more

New EU proposals will REDUCE cross-border charges - but businesses and consumers set to face HIGHER fees under a Tory Brexit, warn Labour MEPs

British citizens will not benefit from new EU proposals to reduce charges for cross-border transaction fees if the UK leaves the EU and single market, with Brits facing the further... Read more

Labour MEPs: We will not let the NHS become a Brexit casualty

As the European Parliament returns from recess this week, Labour MEPs have vowed to keep campaigning to stop the NHS becoming a casualty of the Government’s approach to Brexit, which... Read more

What will a 'no deal' Tory Brexit mean for British holidaymakers next summer?

As millions of Britons jet off to the sunshine, Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, looks at what a ‘no deal’ Tory Brexit might look like for... Read more

Raab or Davis, whoever’s selling May’s Brexit snake oil makes no difference if plan lacks credibility with EU, warn Labour MEPs

Aside from adding to the chaos, confusion, disruption and division, whether it’s Dominic Raab or David Davis, whoever’s in charge of DExEU will ultimately count for nothing unless Theresa May’s... Read more

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