Labour MEPs: UK must keep new EU rule enabling travellers to watch Netflix and other digital subscriptions abroad

The UK must ensure British citizens continue to benefit from a new EU rule that will enable EU citizens to access their online digital content anywhere in the EU while... Read more

Labour MEPs: Summit support on Russia shows what UK will lose out on under a Tory Brexit

The UK’s influence on world affairs, as evidenced by the securing of unanimous EU support on Russia at the Council summit today, will be curtailed if Britain leaves the EU... Read more

Labour MEPs: On Facebook, while others just unlike, the EU acts, clamping down on their tax dodging

Labour MEPs have backed new EU proposals to clamp down on tax avoidance by tech giants like Facebook, with the Commission today unveiling plans to ensure digital companies pay tax... Read more

Labour MEPs: Brexiter carping about transition fisheries ‘betrayal’ once again highlights their utter duplicity

Brexiters crying ‘betrayal’ over the EU-UK transition deal’s impact on fisheries is yet another smokescreen to try and cover up the latest exposure of the false, undeliverable promises they made... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU support for UK over Russian poisonings reinforces need for continued close cooperation

The support of key European Union figures and EU national governments over the poisoning and attempted murder in Salisbury of Sergei Skripal by the Russian state has reinforced the need... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must not block new EU plans to ensure digital companies don’t avoid tax

The UK must not block new EU proposals that will make it harder for companies like Google and Facebook to avoid paying tax - and keep any new measures if... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU must assist investigation into murder of Ján Kuciak and bring in new protections for journalists

MEPs united this week to condemn the barbaric murders in Slovakia of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his partner Martina Kušnírová, with Socialists and Democrats MEPs calling for the EU... Read more

Labour MEPs: As Brits face losing right to drive in EU, MEPs back laws to ease recognition of qualifications, raise safety standards and help protect the environment

The European Parliament this week voted strongly in favour of new laws on qualifications and training for truck and bus drivers - raising questions once more about how road standards... Read more

Labour MEPs: Tariffs row shows EU not Trump remains UK’s closest ally

Britain must work with the European Union to resolve the US tariffs row, a row which once more highlights the EU, and not Brexiters’ favourite Donald Trump, remains the UK’s... Read more

Labour MEPs: May cannot ignore European Parliament’s warnings and must not weaken standards or rights

Theresa May and the UK government must take note of the message of today’s vote in Strasbourg, if it is to have any chance of making progress in the negotiations,... Read more

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