Labour MEPs: NFU backing for EU welcome but no surprise given farmers and consumers reap huge benefits from UK membership

Commenting on today´s decision by the NFU to back the campaign for Britain to stay in the EU, Paul Brannen MEP, Labour's European Parliament spokesperson on agriculture, said: Read more

Labour MEPs: OECD steel meeting is a crucial opportunity to tackle crisis

As ministers from around the world met in Brussels today to discuss the downturn in the steel industry, Labour MEPs reiterated calls for the UK government to back EU measures... Read more

Labour MEPs: Bosnia's progress towards EU membership will make Europe safer and the people more prosperous

Labour MEPs have voted for a report outlining Bosnia's progress towards EU accession. It says Bosnia and Herzegovina has made important steps towards fulfilling the EU's membership application criteria, resulting... Read more

Labour MEPs vote for resolution condemning Pakistan terror attacks

Labour MEPs voted today for a resolution that unequivocally condemns the attacks on a playground in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore on March 27 where a suicide bomb attack caused the... Read more

Labour MEPs: PNR directive and data protection laws will help combat terror and safeguard privacy

The European Parliament will vote tomorrow for the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) directive and data protection package. Read more

Tear-gassing of migrants at the Greek-Macedonian border highlights urgent need for organised and compassionate EU response, warn Labour MEPs

The clashes between Macedonian authorities and migrants highlight the urgent need for an organised and compassionate EU response to the refugee crisis, Labour MEPs have warned. Read more

Labour MEPs back new EU data protection laws that will safeguard European citizens' privacy

Labour MEPs will vote on Thursday for new EU data protection laws that will ensure European citizens' privacy is safeguarded, after the proposals were given the green light today by... Read more

Labour MEPs back report calling for greater role for national parliaments and regular reviews of EU's legislative process

Labour MEPs voted today for a report calling for reform of the European Union's law-making procedures, including a greater role for national parliaments, and regular reviews of the legislative process.... Read more

EU adopts Labour proposals for tax transparency, including country-by-country reporting and list of tax havens

The European Commission today announced new proposals to tackle tax dodging by multinational corporations, including public country-by-country reporting and a common list of tax havens - proposals contained in a... Read more

Labour MEPs back extending EU's Erasmus student exchange scheme to include more disadvantaged young people

Labour MEPs will vote today for a report calling for the EU's Erasmus student exchange programme to be extended to more disadvantaged young people, for example those in vocational training,... Read more

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