Labour MEPs: May’s tough talk on tax dodging will mean nothing if UK opts out of EU anti-tax avoidance measures

Labour MEPs warned today that Theresa May’s tough talk on tax dodging in her Conservative Party conference speech will be meaningless if the UK opts out of EU anti-tax avoidance... Read more

Labour MEPs back EU ban on export of torture equipment - measures UKIP MEPs fail to support

Labour MEPs have hailed today’s European Parliament vote tightening up legislation banning exports of torture equipment from the European Union - measures UKIP’s MEPs failed to support. Read more

Labour MEPs: We need certainty over UK’s commitment to UN climate change deal

Labour MEPs have called on the UK government to end the uncertainty over its climate change commitments in advance of today's visit to the European Parliament by UN Secretary-General Ban... Read more

The reality of a Hard Brexit is job losses and fresh curbs on the rights of working people

It is more than 100 days since the EU referendum and although some leading Brexiters like Nigel Farage, have stepped down, Labour must not run away from the aftermath, writes... Read more

How do we secure a progressive Brexit and protect Labour's hard-won EU victories?

Labour MEPs, MPs and trade unionists discussed how Labour can achieve the best deal for Britain in the Brexit negotiations, at the EPLP fringe event on "Securing a Progressive Brexit"... Read more

If the Tory Brexit deal with the EU is not right, we must fight it, warn Labour MEPs

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, told the Labour Party Conference today: Read more

EPLP at Labour Party Conference 2016

Labour's MEPs will once again be at the Labour Party Conference this autumn. This year's conference will be in Liverpool from September 24-28. We'll have a fringe event, a rally... Read more

Labour MEPs: King’s approval by MEPs as EU Security Union Commissioner “great news” for Britain

MEPs have today approved the UK's new Commissioner-designate, Sir Julian King, as Commissioner for the Security Union. Read more

As Juncker delivers State of Union speech, Labour MEPs warn hasty Brexit will be disastrous

Labour MEPs will warn the European Parliament that Brexit will be the “mother of all divorce cases” and will be “disastrous” if done hastily, reiterating how the UK government remains... Read more

Labour MEPs: Appointment of new EU Security Commissioner shows UK continues to have strong, positive role in Europe

The appointment of a new British Commissioner to the Security Union portfolio will ensure the UK continues to have a strong, positive role in Europe, Labour MEPs have said ahead... Read more

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