Labour MEPs: EU must act against all human rights abuses all the time, like Kuwait’s jailing of Marsha Lazareva, and not just cases that are headline news

The EU and other world powers must use their leverage on trade deals and military cooperation to promote freedom and protest human rights breaches in all countries all the time,... Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU rules on clean vehicle procurement will cut carbon emissions, increase fuel efficiency and accelerate transition to sustainable future

The European Parliament has voted for changes to EU rules on the public procurement of clean vehicles that will result in lower carbon and air pollutant emissions and increased fuel... Read more

Tory MEPs back Saudi regime AGAIN in key vote, even after brutal torture and murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Tory MEPs once again backed the Saudi regime in the European Parliament in a key vote today, failing to back an EU arms embargo. The parliament as a whole overwhelmingly... Read more

Tories must not block new EU ban on terrorist trafficking of cultural goods, warn Labour MEPs

The European Parliament today backed a ban on the import of historical, cultural goods from warzones that are trafficked by terrorists. The UK Tory government has been blocking the new... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU must lead push for major greenhouse gas reduction targets at COP24 climate conference

The EU must lead global efforts to slash greenhouse gas emissions at the upcoming COP24 climate conference, Labour MEPs warned ahead of a vote tomorrow on a resolution calling for... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must keep new 90% recycling target for plastic bottles after Brexit

The European Parliament today backed a new 90 per cent recycling target for plastic bottles by 2025, and bans on plastic straws and drink stirrers – targets the UK must... Read more

Disinformation, data theft and voter manipulation still a risk unless EU acts on Facebook, Labour MEPs warn

Unless EU bodies and national governments enforce existing rules and approve new measures on data protection, privacy and transparency, Facebook users will continue to be at risk of data theft,... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU ministers must not water down tough new CO2 emissions targets for cars and vans

EU environment ministers must not water down the European Parliament’s proposals for a 40 per cent cut in car and van emissions of CO2 by 2030, Labour MEPs warned ahead... Read more

Labour MEP tells Knesset defence committee chair: Stop illegal destruction of Khan al-Ahmar

A Labour MEP will today tell Knesset foreign affairs and defence committee chair Avi Dichter that Israel’s illegal destruction of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar must be halted. Mr... Read more

As Yemen war rages, Tory MEPs vote against arms embargo on Saudi Arabia

Tory MEPs today voted against a resolution calling on EU countries to “refrain from selling arms and any military equipment to Saudi Arabia”. Read more

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