Labour MEPs: Johnson is not Britain - please bear with us and give us time to rethink Brexit now reality is laid bare

Boris Johnson is not representative of Britain, and his plans for a no-deal Brexit have no mandate, Labour's leader in the European Parliament, Richard Corbett MEP, said as parliament debated... Read more

Labour MEPs: We will scrutinise new EU Commissioners to ensure reform agenda

Labour MEPs vowed to scrutinise the new line-up of Commissioners proposed today, warning they will make full use of the European Parliament hearings and right to approve or reject the... Read more

Labour MEPs: We will continue to work cross-party to ensure the EU door remains open

A cross-party group of UK Members of the European Parliament has signed a declaration committing themselves to work together in the face of brexit, and have called upon continental colleagues... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK government must suspend fracking immediately and launch independent investigation into tremors

Following the 2.9 magnitude earthquake near Blackpool last week, Labour MEPs have demanded the government suspends fracking immediately and launches an independent investigation into the tremors. Read more

EPLP at Labour Conference

The European Parliamentary Labour Party will be back at this year's Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Read more

We will fight Boris all the way, Labour MEPs warn as citizens’ rights campaigners brace for no-deal disaster

Labour MEPs today vowed to fight Boris Johnson every step of the way if the new Tory leader presses ahead with a no-deal Brexit that threatens the rights of the... Read more

Statement from Labour MEPs on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

Statement from Labour MEPs on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party: Read more

Only way for young people to fulfil potential is to remain in EU, Labour MEP warns after election as vice-chair of culture committee

Only by remaining in the EU can the potential of young people be fully realised, by benefiting from schemes like Erasmus+ and enjoying the freedom to work, study, live and... Read more

Von der Leyen must act now to prevent humanitarian assistance being criminalised or thousands more will die, warns Labour MEP

New European Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen must clearly and immediately commit to act to act to prevent national governments from criminalising humanitarian assistance, a Labour MEP warned today... Read more

We will ensure the voices of half a billion EU citizens are heard, Labour MEP says after being appointed petitions committee coordinator

The five hundred million citizens of the EU must continue to have their voices heard and amplified, especially on major issues like citizens’ rights and Brexit, a Labour MEP said... Read more

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