Labour MEPs: Disgrace that Queen’s Speech fails to guarantee EU citizens’ rights after Brexit

Labour MEPs have condemned the government for failing to put forward legislation in the Queen’s Speech today that will guarantee EU citizens’ rights after Brexit – as UK and other... Read more

Labour MEPs: Clarity still lacking from government after first day of Brexit talks

Speaking on the conclusion of the first day of Brexit talks, Labour's leader in the European Parliament Glenis Willmott MEP said: "David Davis has begun some of Britain's most important... Read more

As Euro-MPs back new limits on emissions, Labour MEPs warn UK govt must be more like EU and less like DUP and Trump

The UK government must continue to work with the EU in leading the fight against climate change, now and after Brexit - and not follow the DUP and Donald Trump... Read more

Labour MEPs: Axing euro clearing from London after Brexit will not only impact UK but hurt EU-27 as well

EU plans to force euro clearing houses to relocate from London to the remainder of the European Union after Brexit will not only impact the UK but will hurt EU-27... Read more

As roaming charges end across EU, Labour MEPs warn Hard Brexit could see return of rip-off holiday phone bills

Mobile phone roaming charges will finally end across the EU on Thursday (May 15) - but Labour MEPs have warned that a Hard Brexit, whereby the UK crashes out of... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK govt must ensure Brits will benefit post-Brexit from new rules enabling EU-wide access to online services like Netflix

The European Parliament voted today for new laws that will allow consumers to access online subscribed content, like Netflix, while temporarily in another EU country - something the UK government... Read more

Labour MEPs: The EU has set out its priorities, but when will May answer the questions posed by Brexit?

Labour MEPs have warned that Theresa May and the Tories still haven’t answered any of the questions about what they would be looking for in the Brexit talks, as the... Read more

Labour MEPs: ECJ ruling on Singapore means inclusion of ISDS will make any EU-UK trade deal more difficult

Unless mechanisms like ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) are excluded from any post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal, it will be harder to reach agreement, Labour MEPs warned today after the European Court... Read more

UK govt must take issue of citizens' rights seriously or risk no-deal disaster, warn Labour MEPs

Britain needs to take seriously the issue of citizens rights or risk negotiations being stalled and the European Parliament vetoing any deal, Labour MEPs have warned following a hearing at... Read more

As EU citizens petition Brussels on loss of rights, Labour MEPs again warn Tories to stop using them as bargaining chips in Brexit talks

The rights of EU citizens in the UK cannot be used as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations, Labour MEPs have again warned ahead of a hearing in the European... Read more

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