Labour MEPs: EU air pollution legal threat is latest Brexit embarrassment for toxic government

Outside of the EU, there will be no one to protect British citizens’ rights to clean air, Labour MEPs warned today after the UK environment minister received a dressing down... Read more

Labour MEPs: We still don’t know exact impact of Brexit on UK regions

Labour MEPs have reiterated calls for the government to commission and publish full economic assessments of how Brexit will impact UK regions, following the leak of a cabinet analysis that... Read more

As EU tells Gove to clean up his act, Labour MEPs warn UK must enshrine air pollution limits in law

Labour MEPs have warned that Parliament must ensure EU limits on air pollution are enshrined in law during the progression of the Brexit bill, as the European Commission looked set... Read more

Claims Brexit will be an "opportunity" for British orchestras fly in the face of facts

LPO chief’s claims Brexit represents an “opportunity” for the sector are not borne out by the facts and contrast with ABO’s warnings, writes Julie Ward MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson... Read more

Labour MEPs: Without right to equal treatment, UK workers in rest of EU will have even less protection against pay discrimination

Without the EU fundamental right to equal treatment that UK workers currently enjoy, they will have even less protection against pay discrimination, Labour MEPs warned as a parliament committee backed... Read more

Labour MEPs: Tory ministers are plastic environmentalists - they claim to be green yet repeatedly oppose EU action

Tory ministers cannot be trusted to deliver a so-called ‘Green Brexit’, Labour MEPs warned after the UK government was once again exposed for its staggering hypocrisy, pledging to develop “ambitious”... Read more

Labour MEPs: Davis’s latest committee shambles adds to Tory Brexit chaos

David Davis’s latest appearance in front of the Brexit committee today has amplified the sense of chaos surrounding the government’s EU plans, Labour MEPs warned. Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must keep new EU laws that will protect industries from cheap imports and save jobs

Britain must keep any new EU laws that will protect industries from the dumping of cheap imports and save jobs, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament international trade committee... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must retain EU-signed Treaty that enhances rights of blind and visually impaired people

Britain must remain a signatory of the Marrakesh Treaty if it leaves the EU, Labour MEPs warned after the European Parliament today gave its assent to the treaty, which allows... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU countries must heed EP and back higher targets on energy efficiency and renewables

The European Parliament voted today for EU countries to adopt higher targets for energy efficiency and renewable energy, targets that are more ambitious than those previously agreed by national governments.... Read more

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