Labour MEPs: May fails to answer key questions needed to advance Brexit talks

"Theresa May still hopes for ‘access without obligations’ when it comes to our main export market". That is the message from Labour’s leader in the European Parliament following the Prime Minister’s... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must keep any new EU measures to help beekeeping sector, including bans on substances dangerous to bee health

Labour MEPs are set to vote tomorrow for a report calling for greater assistance to help the EU beekeeping sector, including financial assistance, training and research, and a EU-wide ban... Read more

Labour MEPs: Latest EU Brexit text exposes May’s Brexit vacuum

The latest EU Brexit text published today by chief negotiator Michel Barnier once again highlights the embarrassing lack of workable answers from Theresa May’s government to the questions posed by... Read more

Labour MEPs: European Parliament sends Polish government final warning on breaches of rule of law

The European Parliament is set to vote for a resolution tomorrow condemning the descent into authoritarianism of the Polish government and calling on the Commission and Council to act unless... Read more

Labour MEPs: Corbyn’s customs union plan contrasts with utter lack of clarity from Tories

Labour MEPs have welcomed Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement today that Labour backs remaining in a customs union with the EU, a clear plan that EU leaders will see contrasts with the... Read more

Labour MEPs: Latest ruling against government more proof UK must not diverge from EU on air quality standards

Britain must not diverge from EU air quality standards if it leaves the European Union, Labour MEPs warned after the UK government suffered yet another court defeat over its plans... Read more

Labour MEPs: Gove fails to be honest with farmers about post-Brexit budget cuts of up to 20 per cent

The UK government must be honest with British farmers about the reality of the budget cuts that are coming their way after Brexit, Labour MEPs warned today as environment secretary... Read more

On security, as on everything, May's Road To Brexit is a road to the cliff edge

Unless the government’s ‘Road to Brexit’ series of speeches, which began this week, offers concrete solutions to the reality of the Brexit it’s pursuing, the UK will carry on careering... Read more

Labour MEPs: European Investment Bank exit would be disastrous for UK - Tories need to end uncertainty now

The UK must continue to maintain the closest possible relationship with the European Investment Bank if it leaves the EU, Labour MEPs warned ahead of the European Parliament vote tomorrow... Read more

Labour MEPs: Ratification of Istanbul Convention will aid fight against FGM

The UK must ratify the Istanbul Convention without further delay to ensure authorities have the powers they need to fight FGM, Labour MEPs warned today, the International Day of Zero... Read more

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