Environment committee backs Labour MEPs' amendments on fuel quality and renewable energy directives

The European Parliament environment committee voted today to include sustainability factors in both the fuel quality directive and the renewable energy directive, alongside a formal recognition Indirect Land Use Change... Read more

Labour MEPs: Energy Union must prioritise renewables, energy efficiency and decarbonisation

Labour MEPs today called for Europe's Energy Union to make sustainable progress its priority, and be based on a clear political commitment to prioritise renewable energies, energy efficiency and decarbonisation... Read more

UKIP are the party of vested interests and tax cheats, not “the little man”

This week Nigel Farage claimed UKIP was the only party “standing up for the little man” - at the same time his MEPs were voting for vested interests and greedy... Read more

We need strong EU and UK action to tackle tax avoidance

Normally, tax avoidance rarely hits the front page. Two sets of leaks, from Luxembourg and Switzerland, have changed all that, writes Anneliese Dodds MEP. Read more

Labour MEPs vote for EU investigation into tax avoidance, while UKIP back the tax cheats

Labour MEPs voted today for the creation of a Special Committee to investigate aggressive tax avoidance following the Lux Leaks scandal - action UKIP MEPs voted against. Read more

UKIP MEPs fail to back country of origin labelling - despite pledging to do so just last month

Despite including country of origin labelling in their 100-point election pledge, unveiled just last month, UKIP MEPs today failed to back that policy. Read more

Labour MEPs vote for enhanced EU cooperation in ‎fight against terrorism and radicalisation

Ahead of the Heads of Government meeting in Brussels tomorrow, Labour MEPs today voted for greater cooperation between EU countries and a renewed anti-terrorism strategy, following last month's Paris terror... Read more

Labour MEPs vote for mandatory country of origin labelling for meat in processed food

Labour MEPs voted today for mandatory country of origin labelling for all meat in processed food, backing stronger traceability requirements for meat in burgers, ready meals and sandwiches. Read more

Labour MEPs: EU must set out plan of action to end horror of FGM

Labour MEPs today called for the EU to set out its plan of action to combat female genital mutilation (FGM). Read more

Labour MEPs attack UK government's obstruction of new procedures to bring dangerous drivers to justice

Labour MEPs have condemned the UK government for obstructing an EU directive that will help bring dangerous drivers to justice. Read more

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