Labour MEPs: Tariffs row shows EU not Trump remains UK’s closest ally

Britain must work with the European Union to resolve the US tariffs row, a row which once more highlights the EU, and not Brexiters’ favourite Donald Trump, remains the UK’s... Read more

Labour MEPs: May cannot ignore European Parliament’s warnings and must not weaken standards or rights

Theresa May and the UK government must take note of the message of today’s vote in Strasbourg, if it is to have any chance of making progress in the negotiations,... Read more

Labour MEPs: Tory solution to Brexit contradictions is to “put Harry Potter on the border”

To solve the contradictions of its Brexit policy - namely leaving the customs union while maintaining an open border with Ireland - the UK government’s search for magical ‘creative’ solutions... Read more

Labour MEPs and staff hold fairtrade cake sale, raise €400 for Syrian women and girl refugees in Lebanon

Labour MEPs and their staff have supported Fairtrade Fortnight with a cake sale in the European Parliament to raise money for Syrian women and girl refugees in Lebanon - €400... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU draft guidelines once more highlight damage May’s Brexit red lines will do to UK

Today’s EU draft negotiating guidelines are the inevitable and logical consequence of Theresa May’s Brexit red lines, red lines that will leave the UK poorer and less prosperous, Labour MEPs... Read more

Labour MEPs: Return of roaming charges will see British holidaymakers hit by rip-off phone bills

The UK government’s confirmation today that British citizens may be hit by roaming and data charges when travelling in the EU after Brexit will mean holidaymakers once more being subjected... Read more

Labour MEPs: Brexit uncertainty and Tory incompetence behind dismal NHS Staff Survey results

Uncertainty over the citizenship rights of NHS staff, the extraordinarily high numbers of EU workers who have left the health service since the referendum, and the general incompetence of the... Read more

Labour MEPs: May fails to answer key questions needed to advance Brexit talks

"Theresa May still hopes for ‘access without obligations’ when it comes to our main export market". That is the message from Labour’s leader in the European Parliament following the Prime Minister’s... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must keep any new EU measures to help beekeeping sector, including bans on substances dangerous to bee health

Labour MEPs are set to vote tomorrow for a report calling for greater assistance to help the EU beekeeping sector, including financial assistance, training and research, and a EU-wide ban... Read more

Labour MEPs: Latest EU Brexit text exposes May’s Brexit vacuum

The latest EU Brexit text published today by chief negotiator Michel Barnier once again highlights the embarrassing lack of workable answers from Theresa May’s government to the questions posed by... Read more

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