Labour MEPs: Safeguards crucial to prevent repeat of Windrush scandal for EU citizens

The application system for EU citizens to register in the UK post-Brexit must be set out in primary legislation or unilateral commitments to avoid a repeat of the Windrush scandal,... Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU-Mexico trade agreement yet another reason UK must stay in customs union

The updated EU-Mexico trade agreement, reached over the weekend, will result in zero duties on nearly all goods, including agricultural items - yet another reason the UK must remain in... Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU vehicle standards will punish any repeat of dieselgate, with fines of up to £26k/car

The European Parliament voted this week to strengthen EU laws on vehicle standards that are designed to ensure there is no repeat of the dieselgate scandal. There will be a... Read more

In wake of Facebook scandal, EU must back up data protection regulation with new ePrivacy laws, warn Labour MEPs

To further guard against a repeat of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, national governments must back the European Parliament’s ePrivacy proposals that will complement the new EU General Data Protection Regulation... Read more

European Parliament backs call for independent investigation into Gaza killings, urges restraint on all sides

Labour MEPs voted today for a resolution calling for an independent and transparent investigation into the recent killings of Palestinians protesters by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip. The resolution... Read more

Labour MEPs: Binding EU targets on waste recycling will protect environment and lower costs

Labour MEPs hailed new EU targets on waste recycling and said the UK must not weaken the ambitious measures if it leaves. Read more

Labour MEPs: As UK struggles to procure post-Brexit trade deals, EU finalises Japan and Singapore FTAs

As UK ministers continue to struggle to procure post-Brexit trade deals - most notably this week at the Commonwealth Summit - the European Union today formally approved free trade agreements... Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU laws on buildings will ensure higher standards and greater attention to fire safety

Labour MEPs voted today for new EU laws on the energy performance of buildings that will bring in higher standards for the construction and refurbishment of buildings that pay greater... Read more

From tax avoidance to working rights, Macron debates future of Europe, and Brexit hardly gets a mention...

Emmanuel Macron’s speech to the European Parliament today shows the EU will continue to tackle the key issues facing Europe, like clamping down on tax avoidance and ending the exploitation... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must keep new EU measures to end undercutting of wages and exploitation of posted workers

EU governments today backed European Parliament proposals that will ensure posted workers are paid the same wage as local workers - measures the UK must keep if it leaves the... Read more

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