Labour MEPs: Trade defence measures need to go further to protect Europe’s industries from unfair competition

New EU trade defence measures, agreed this week between the Commission, ministers and the European Parliament, are a good start but need to go further to protect Europe’s industries from... Read more

Labour MEPs: Brexit talks’ belated progress welcome, but leaves many questions unresolved

Responding to the European Commission’s announcement this morning that sufficient progress has been made in the first phase of the Brexit talks, Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European... Read more

Labour MEPs: Tax haven blacklist a start but EU must go further and back Panama inquiry recommendations

Labour MEPs have welcomed the blacklist of tax havens, agreed by EU finance ministers, but called for them to go further and back the recommendations of the European Parliament Panama... Read more

Labour MEPs: May's authority in question after latest talks failure

EU leaders have been left wondering if Theresa May has the authority to negotiate for the UK, Labour MEPs warned following the prime minister’s failure to get agreement to progress... Read more

As May fawns over Riyadh regime, Tory MEPs vote against EU arms embargo on Saudi Arabia

Tory MEPs voted today against calls for an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia - the day after Theresa May’s visit to Riyadh, during which she reaffirmed the UK government’s... Read more

Labour MEPs: Exit from Europol and defence agencies just the latest examples of danger of Tory Hard Brexit

Britain’s departure from Europol and the European Defence Agency is the inevitable result of the Tory Hard Brexit the UK is heading towards, a Brexit that will diminish our safety... Read more

Labour MEPs: Barnier’s passporting warning and EBA exit signal ever bleaker future for Brexit economy

Banks and other financial services institutions, employing thousands of people, will follow the European Banking Authority out of the UK if there is no Brexit deal, Labour MEPs warned following... Read more

Labour MEPs: European Medicines Agency relocation just the start of Hard Brexit horror for UK health sector

The announcement of the relocation of the European Medicines Agency today is just the start of the damaging road ahead for Britain’s health sector as the UK heads towards a... Read more

Will Tories now back not block stronger EU action to save steel jobs?

Labour MEPs have challenged the Tories to back strong measures to save steel jobs, following yesterday’s vote in favour of new EU laws to define unfair trade practices, that will... Read more

UK must keep new EU laws that will crack down on rogue online traders, warn Labour MEPs

The UK must keep new EU laws that will crack down on rogue traders who breach the consumer rights of online shoppers - including for cross-border transactions, Labour MEPs have... Read more

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