Honest food labelling


Labour MEPs are leading the battle for honest food labelling, focusing our efforts on ensuring we secure country of origin labelling for meat in processed foods. In the wake of the horsemeat scandal we need to make fundamental changes. Making country of origin rules mandatory for all processed foods – such as ready meals, burgers and sandwiches - will force manufacturers to get a better grip on their supply chain, and could help avoid another scandal.

Consumers want the full picture of the meat supply chain, which is why Labour MEPs continue to campaign for the place of birth, rearing and slaughter to be labelled on all fresh and processed meat. We have already succeeded in securing mandatory country of origin labelling for all fresh meat. We also know that many people want to know whether animals have come from places with good welfare standards, and how far they have been transported, for ethical and environmental reasons.

Labour MEPs have also backed stricter inspections across the food chain and stringent penalties for food fraud, supporting measures to ensure inspections on food businesses are independent, transparent and rigorous. We also voted for protection for whistle blowers and for financial penalties in cases of fraud to be at least double the expected gain.


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