Commission says yes to power plant that will bring £2bn to UK, create 25,000 jobs and power 5m homes


The European Commission today gave the go ahead to the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant project in Somerset, under a deal that will bring 25,000 jobs.

The 25,000 job opportunities will be created over the next decade of the build, and 900 jobs over the 60-year life of the new stations. More than £2 billion will be invested into the local economy over the lifetime of the project. When fully operational, Hinkley Point will have capacity to generate 7 per cent of the UK’s electricity - enough to power 5 million homes.

Clare Moody MEP, Labour MEP for South-West England and Gibraltar, said:

"Hinkley Point will provide the high-quality, long-term jobs and sustainable growth for local communities that are a priority for Labour in Europe.

"As a long term investment plan that brings new, high quality skills to the labour market in Somerset and the UK, Hinkley will benefit the local economy and ensure careers in growing industries. It is exactly the sort of sustainable investment we are fighting for."

The UK has 16 reactors generating about 18% of its electricity and all but one of these will be retired by 2023, at time when rising energy prices and declining North Sea Oil is forecast.

Clare Moody MEP added:

"Hinkley Point is crucial in ensuring a new phase of nuclear reactors is rolled out across the UK. Nuclear is low carbon, and easy to produce. It will ensure we keep Britain's lights switched on and our greenhouse gas emissions low.

"Continued research into regulation of nuclear power ensures that it is safe, secure, and it should be a vital part of our energy mix.

"In these difficult times it also ensures there is diversity of energy supply for the UK."

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