Tacking action on insecure jobs

zero-hours-thumb.pngLabour MEPs are leading the charge to secure greater EU regulation of zero-hours contracts and other forms of insecure work... [Read more]


Protecting traditional local products from copycats

non-agri-gi-thumb.pngLabour MEPs are backing a campaign to extend special EU geographical protections to authentic, original non-agricultural products... [Read more]


Fighting for stronger animal welfare

seal-trade-ban-thumb.pngLabour MEPs voted in September 2015 to strengthen the EU's ban on the trade in seal products, aligning it with World Trade Organization (WTO) standards... [Read more]


Time to act: Responding to the refugee crisis

time-to-act-small.pngThe current refugee crisis is testing the European Union’s ability to act collectively and with compassion. We need a coordinated, funded and humane EU response to this crisis, and the UK should be playing a full role... [Read more]


An EU-US trade deal that works for Britain

TTIP-report-thumb.pngThe EU is currently in negotiations with the United States regarding a formal trade treaty known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, commonly referred to as ‘TTIP’... [Read more]


Tackling tax dodging in the EU and beyond

tax-dodging-thumb.pngLabour MEPs have backed a range of measures to help reduce corporate tax dodging within the EU and across the developing world... [Read more]


Eliminating roaming charges

roaming-charges-thumb.pngLabour MEPs have been at the forefront of the drive to cut (and eventually eliminate) extortionate roaming charges for citizens who use their mobile phones in other EU countries... [Read more]


Campaigns archive

Visit our campaigns archive to find out about some of Labour MEPs' past campaigns.

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