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Ending the import of conflict minerals

conflict-minerals-248x175.jpgLabour MEPs have voted for the introduction of new measures which would require companies to carry out compulsory checks on the sources of minerals... [Read more]


Bringing down the cost of doing business

Credit-card-fees-infographic.jpgLabour MEPs have voted for a cap on credit and debit card transaction fees, which will save British business an estimated £480 million a year... [Read more]


Honest food labelling

Honest-food-labellingLabour MEPs are leading the battle for honest food labelling, focusing our efforts on ensuring we get country of origin labelling for meat in processed foods... [Read more]


Taking action on international development

2015-A-Year-For-Action2015 is the year Europe needs to act, to ensure the poorest people in the world are not forgotten... [Read more]


Saving children from tobacco

tobacco-packagingLabour MEPs have led the European Parliament's work to save children from taking up smoking and becoming addicted to tobacco... [Read more]


Stronger rights for air passengers

air-passenger-rightsAirline passengers are set to get increased rights in future following a recent vote by MEPs... [Read more]


Making financial markets work

financial-regulationLabour MEPs want Europe’s banks to be safer and more accountable to their customers and we want bankers who value long-term stability over short-term risk... [Read more]


Standing up for your rights

2015-A-Year-For-ActionLabour MEPs will fight to protect your major employment rights... [Read more]



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