Rights at work

Workers RightsThe EU provides vital worker’s rights for people across Britain, including guaranteed paid leave, maternity and parental leave, and equal treatment for part-time and agency workers.

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International Aid cooperation

International AidBritain is currently a leading player in EU development policy and the world’s largest aid donor. EU aid has given millions of people access to clean water, healthcare and education.

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Tax justice measures

Tax JusticeEU action to tackle corporate tax avoidance and evasion could benefit the UK economy by billions of pounds every year. The government must ensure that large firms pay their fair share of tax.

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Environmental protection

Environmental Protection70% of UK environmental legislation is derived from EU legislation. Thanks to EU environmental measures, British beaches are cleaner, our nature and biodiversity are protected, and air pollution has been drastically reduced. EU targets have driven up recycling and are helping to clean up our ecosystems.

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Women's rights

Women's RightsGender equality is recognised as a fundamental right in EU law - as a member of the EU the rights of working women have been strengthened in a range of areas.

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