Workers' rights

RightsLabour MEPs have delivered action to protect and enhance people’s workplace rights: Ensuring part-time workers have same rights as full-time workers; strengthening protections for workers exposed to hazardous substances... [Read more].


Tax justice

TaxLabour MEPs have delivered action to tackle tax avoidance: Ensuring tax is paid in the jurisdiction where profits are made; eliminating the main loopholes used in corporate tax avoidance... [Read more].


Protecting the planet

PlanetLabour MEPs have delivered action to protect the planet: EU-wide targets on reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy; EU habitats laws that maintain biodiversity and protect wildlife... [Read more].



EqualityLabour MEPs have delivered action to fight discrimination: Banning discrimination at work or in education on grounds of race, gender or ethnicity; equal treatment in the supply of goods and services... [Read more].


Campaigns archive

Visit our campaigns archive to find out about some of Labour MEPs' past campaigns.


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