Building a strong recovery


Labour MEPs understand you can’t build a recovery on debt, lending and speculation. It must be built on jobs, growth, manufacturing and trade.

Faced with competition from China and India, Britain must work with our allies in Europe to create a strong single market and a strong trading partner for our exports. With 4.2 million British jobs dependent on access to the EU market, Labour MEPs back Britain’s membership of the EU and the reforms needed to get Europe growing again.

For Britain to export to the world, it is vital the EU continues to negotiate free trade agreements. Labour MEPs back new trade deals with India, Canada and Singapore which could add £75 billion to Europe’s GDP.

Labour MEPs also support the EU-US trade and investment partnership (TTIP), which has the potential to bring significant benefits to British consumers, workers and businesses, and is worth up to £100bn over the next decade. We will fight to ensure our NHS and our public services are protected in these trade deals.

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