Labour MEPs: Johnson must think again and give the public a final say on Brexit after MPs halt plan to ram deal through Parliament


The UK government must think again and give the public a final say on Brexit after MPs voted down the prime minister's plan to ram his botched Brexit deal through parliament last night, Labour MEPs have said.

Richard Corbett MEP, Labour's Leader in the European Parliament, said:

"Boris Johnson tried to ram his deal through Parliament in just three days, and MPs said no. This undemocratic, unelected prime minister will need to think again - his ruse to force through his botched Brexit deal without scrutiny, without any economic impact assessments, treating Parliament and the public with contempt, has failed.

"There will now be amendments tabled. Some amendments will try to ensure a softer Brexit, because make no mistake: this is a hard Brexit that takes Britain away from Europe, outside the customs union and outside the single market. It will be damaging for Britain’s economy and damaging for the European economy. It’s a bad deal for Britain and a bad deal for Europe.

"There will also be amendments to say that any Brexit outcome, any deal, must go back to the public for a final decision. And that is only right, because Brexit is turning out to be so completely different from what was promised by those leave campaigners three and a half years ago. It’s leave voters who are entitled to say 'that’s not what I told, this is not what I voted for, I want to have a say again'.

"And that is the mood of British public opinion, as demonstrated on Saturday in London, when a million people marched for the right to have a final say on Brexit. That is what most opinion polls tell us: the British public want and deserve a right to take back control and reconsider this disastrous decision for our country."

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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