While UK is paralysed by Brexit, the EU is addressing people's concerns on key areas

While the UK is paralysed by Brexit, with a government unable to pass its Brexit deal, finance bill or indeed any other significant legislation, the EU continues to get on... Read more

Labour MEP tells European Parliament: "I want to give you here a message of hope... we have a chance to turn this around"

Following the defeat of the Brexit deal in the meaningful vote in Westminster last night, Labour MEPs reiterated calls for a rethink from the UK government, and for the EU... Read more

UK must not become tax haven for tech giants, Labour MEPs warn as European Parliament backs new tax on digital companies

Britain must not become a tax haven for tech giants if it leaves the EU, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament this week backed Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D)... Read more

UK must keep new EU laws protecting workers from exposure to dangerous carcinogens, warn Labour MEPs

Britain must keep new EU laws that will protect workers from work-related cancer if it leaves the EU, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament this week backed new measures... Read more

While UK is beset by Tory Brexit chaos, socialists in rest of EU shape the future

With the UK Tory government in chaos, Europe’s socialist parties and leaders are getting on with the business of governing and campaigning for real change that will improve citizens’ lives,... Read more

Tory MEPs vote against academic freedom for all in EU, once more backing Hungarian hardliner Orbán

Tory MEPs have once again voted in support of Hungarian hardliner Viktor Orbán, opposing Labour amendments calling for the EU to act to ensure academic freedom in Hungary. Read more

Tory MEPs vote against more rights for millions of rail users, including commuters and passengers relying on connecting services

Tory MEPs have voted against proposed new EU laws aiming to ensure that millions more rail users get greater rights, including commuters who use suburban and regional trains and passengers... Read more

Tory MEPs fail to back arms embargo on Saudi regime for THIRD time

Tory MEPs yet again voted in support of the Saudi regime, failing to back an arms embargo for the third plenary in a row, as the European Parliament voted for... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must not ditch new efficiency and renewables targets that will lift millions out of energy poverty

Britain must not ditch new EU targets on energy efficiency and renewables that will lift millions of people out of energy poverty, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament backed... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU must act against all human rights abuses all the time, like Kuwait’s jailing of Marsha Lazareva, and not just cases that are headline news

The EU and other world powers must use their leverage on trade deals and military cooperation to promote freedom and protest human rights breaches in all countries all the time,... Read more

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