As Tories plot sell-off of NHS to Trump, MEPs stand up for British businesses and consumers against US tariff war

While the Tories plot to sell-off the NHS to Donald Trump, Labour MEPs today voted for a resolution condemning the US government’s unilateral imposition of tariffs on EU agricultural products... Read more

Climate emergency declared by European Parliament

The European Parliament has today backed a Labour-led resolution declaring a climate emergency, with MEPs joining those national parliaments and local authorities across Europe who have highlighted the need to... Read more

MEPs give green light for EU Commission to start work on progressive promises

It is time for the new European Commission to get down to business and put forward the progressive proposals it has promised us - that is the message from Labour... Read more

Labour MEPs call for UK ratification of the Istanbul Convention and more funding for women’s refuges - as violence against women and girls is expected to rise if Brexit happens

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Labour MEPs are calling for critical action to tackle rising levels of gender-based violence in the UK. Read more

Labour MEPs: Dithering Johnson's failure to apply for EU funds to help flood victims will hit the poorest most

Labour MEPs have written to the prime minister urging him to apply immediately for EU funding to help communities hit by flooding. Read more

Labour MEPs: Conservative Polish government’s criminalisation of sexual education will have a chilling effect

Labour MEPs today backed a European Parliament resolution condemning the criminalisation of sexual education in Poland, slamming the proposals which will have a chilling effect and could see teachers, healthcare... Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU VAT laws will crackdown on £4.3bn of tax fraud

New EU laws on VAT collection will give authorities the tools to go after the €5 billion (£4.3bn) lost to public services through VAT fraud, Labour MEPs said as the... Read more

Labour MEPs: Outside EU, workers will not be able to benefit from new plans for stronger rights following Thomas Cook bankruptcy

If the UK leaves the EU, workers would not be able to benefit from proposals for stronger workplace rights, such as those backed by MEPs today in a resolution calling... Read more

Labour MEPs: Johnson must think again and give the public a final say on Brexit after MPs halt plan to ram deal through Parliament

The UK government must think again and give the public a final say on Brexit after MPs voted down the prime minister's plan to ram his botched Brexit deal through... Read more

Labour MEPs: Brexit deal sells out jobs, rights, protections, freedoms and futures - the public must have the final say

Boris Johnson's botched Brexit deal surrenders the rights, protections, freedoms and futures of the British people for generations, Labour MEPs warned today, adding the public must have the final say.... Read more

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