Labour MEPs: We will not let the NHS become a Brexit casualty

As the European Parliament returns from recess this week, Labour MEPs have vowed to keep campaigning to stop the NHS becoming a casualty of the Government’s approach to Brexit, which... Read more

What will a 'no deal' Tory Brexit mean for British holidaymakers next summer?

As millions of Britons jet off to the sunshine, Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, looks at what a ‘no deal’ Tory Brexit might look like for... Read more

Raab or Davis, whoever’s selling May’s Brexit snake oil makes no difference if plan lacks credibility with EU, warn Labour MEPs

Aside from adding to the chaos, confusion, disruption and division, whether it’s Dominic Raab or David Davis, whoever’s in charge of DExEU will ultimately count for nothing unless Theresa May’s... Read more

From nukes to Nazis, Ukip's EP votes and speeches this week once again show them for what they are, say Labour MEPs

Ukip’s votes and speeches in the European Parliament this week have once again shown them for what they are, on everything from their leader’s claim the EU is based on... Read more

Labour MEPs: Time to give accidental Americans their independence from US tax authorities

The European Parliament is set to vote tomorrow for a resolution calling on the Commission and national governments to take action to help EU citizens affected by the US Foreign... Read more

Tory Brexit risks uncertainty for EU workers, reduced access to medicines and backdoor privatisation, warn Labour MEPs as NHS turns 70

Under a Tory Brexit, we risk continued uncertainty for the 144,000 EU nationals working in health and social care, reduced access to medicines, treatment and research, and the privatisation of... Read more

Tories claim credit for new EU laws that will protect holidaymakers, but from roaming to flights, Hard Brexit threatens holiday Hell for Brits

The UK government is seeking to claim credit for new EU laws that will strengthen the rights of millions of Brits who take package holidays or book linked travel -... Read more

MEPs will not back ‘migrant prison’ proposals - any new deal must respect human rights, warns senior Euro-MP

The European Parliament will not support new proposals for migrant processing centres outside the EU, and will continue to push for reform of the Dublin Regulation on asylum and respect... Read more

Labour MEPs: May says she wants to ‘speed up’ Brexit talks, but it’s the Tories that have left us stuck in the slow lane

Theresa May arrived at the EU summit today saying she wanted to ‘speed up’ the Brexit talks and was ‘disappointed’ at progress - yet it is the UK government, not... Read more

Airbus warning cannot be brushed aside warn Labour MEPs

A detailed risk assessment by aerospace manufacturer Airbus, which shows that thousands of jobs are at risk from a hard Brexit, has been met by nothing more than “meaningless platitudes”... Read more

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