Labour MEPs: Gibraltar “colony” reference is unacceptable and dangerous

The reference to Gibraltar as a “colony” in the EU's post-Brexit visa proposals puts the laws at risk of legal challenge, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament today backed... Read more

Labour MEP removed from Brexit file for standing up to manipulation over visa waiver for UK and EU27 citizens

A UK Labour MEP has been removed as spokesperson for the upcoming European Parliament legislative report on the Brexit visa waiver file for standing up for the rights of UK... Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU legal framework will enable action to tackle plastic waste pollution and save our oceans

The European Parliament this week backed the adoption of a new EU legal framework that will enable strong action to be taken to tackle plastic waste pollution and save our... Read more

Tory MEPs fail to back proposals to end £700bn/year tax evasion by the few

Tory MEPs have failed to support proposals to stop EU countries losing €825 billion (£705bn) a year to tax evasion. Read more

Labour MEPs: New EU copyright laws will ensure creators get paid for their work and enable expressives to carry on memeing

Creators and publishers of copyrighted content will receive fair remuneration for their work, with online freedom of expression protected following the European Parliament's approval of new EU copyright laws this... Read more

Labour MEPs: Iran must stop persecuting, harassing and jailing journalists, trade unionists and human rights activists

The European Parliament voted today for a resolution condemning Iran for its treatment of journalists, activists, campaigners and human rights activists, and called for the European Union to increase pressure... Read more

Labour MEPs: "Absolute folly" for May to proceed with Brexit after latest crushing defeat

It is "absolute folly" for Theresa May to proceed with Brexit without checking it is still the "will of the people" following the latest crushing defeat in the House of... Read more

Labour MEPs: Leaving the EU would make gender equality harder to achieve

Leaving the EU would make the gender equality that we have all fought for harder to achieve – and never has that been a more urgent issue than on International... Read more

Labour MEPs back Fairtrade “She Deserves” living income campaign for cocoa farmers

Labour MEPs have marked Fairtrade Fortnight by backing the “She Deserves” campaign to get women cocoa farmers a fair price for the cocoa they produce. Read more

European Parliament holds historic hearing on human rights abuses in Kashmir

The European Parliament this week held an historic hearing on human rights abuses in Kashmir, led by a UN expert. Read more

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