EU Commission's response to horsemeat scandal "totally inadequate" - 18/02/2013

"The European Commission's response to the horsemeat scandal has been totally inadequate,"... ›› more

Willmott " I hope Owen Paterson will stay true to his word and support Labour MEPs in our on-going battle for honest food labelling for consumers" - 14/02/2013

"Owen Paterson is now saying that he wants country of origin labelling for meat in processed... ›› more

The Leader of the Labour MEPs, Glenis Willmott MEP , said yesterday “The Labour Group of MEPs will be voting for the European Budget deal agreed at the European Council Summit last Friday” - 12/02/2013

The Leader  of the Labour MEPs, Glenis Willmott MEP , said yesterday  ... ›› more


The illegal horse-meat found in burgers, lasagnes and spaghetti Bolognese, without any... ›› more

UKIP falsely claims that 'EU is behind same-sex marriage' - 08/02/2013

On Tuesday 5 February, UKIP claimed that David Cameron's decision to introduce marriage... ›› more

Labour MEPs say no to secret ballot on the MFF - 08/02/2013

"Labour MEPs do not support the idea of a secret ballot on... ›› more

EU businesses must restore trust through Corporate Social Responsibility - 06/02/2013

"CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is integral to the restoration of trust, which is... ›› more

Fish campaigners win EU 'discard' vote - 06/02/2013

New measures to stop 'discards' (the process of throwing overboard unwanted fish, frequently... ›› more

Today's Equal Marriage vote is a crucial step towards full equality for same-sex couples - 05/02/2013

"Just one year after all the Labour MEPs supported the Equal Marriage campaign, we're very... ›› more

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