Labour MEPs: Plane stupid for UK govt to ignore latest warnings from aviation industry of Hard Brexit chaos

Labour MEPs have urged the UK government to heed the latest warnings from the aviation industry that unless there is a UK-EU Open Skies deal with ECJ oversight there is... Read more

Labour MEPs: EU-Japan trade deal is yet more proof UK must secure the fullest possible access post-Brexit

Labour MEPs have warned that unless Britain secures a Brexit deal with the fullest possible access, it will not enjoy the benefits of the new EU-Japan trade deal, the initial... Read more

Labour MEPs: Tory vote against EU action on zero-hours contracts shows they can’t be trusted to protect workers’ rights after Brexit

The Tories’ vote this week against a report calling for EU action on zero-hours contracts shows they cannot be trusted to protect workers’ rights after Brexit, Labour MEPs have warned.... Read more

Labour MEPs: Brexit UK must keep new EU anti-tax avoidance measures like country-by-country reporting

Brexit Britain must not resile from EU anti-tax avoidance measures, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament voted this week for greater tax transparency in Europe, including widening the scope... Read more

Labour MEPs: UK must not become a pesticide haven after Brexit, or we'll end up a graveyard of bees

Labour MEPs have warned that Britain must maintain tough new EU anti-pesticide laws after Brexit, without which the UK risks becoming a graveyard of bees. Read more

As EU fines Google for ripping-off customers, Labour MEPs warn Brexit UK must not become a deregulation haven

Labour MEPs have welcomed the record €2.42 billion (£2.14bn) fine from the European Commission against Google for abusing its dominant position over internet search, and warned that the UK must... Read more

Labour MEPs: May’s offer on citizens’ rights is vague, a year late and will mean nothing if there is no Brexit deal

Theresa May’s offer today on EU citizens’ rights has come a year too late, is still too vague, and will amount to nothing if the UK, as she has repeatedly... Read more

Labour MEPs: Disgrace that Queen’s Speech fails to guarantee EU citizens’ rights after Brexit

Labour MEPs have condemned the government for failing to put forward legislation in the Queen’s Speech today that will guarantee EU citizens’ rights after Brexit – as UK and other... Read more

Labour MEPs: Clarity still lacking from government after first day of Brexit talks

Speaking on the conclusion of the first day of Brexit talks, Labour's leader in the European Parliament Glenis Willmott MEP said: "David Davis has begun some of Britain's most important... Read more

As Euro-MPs back new limits on emissions, Labour MEPs warn UK govt must be more like EU and less like DUP and Trump

The UK government must continue to work with the EU in leading the fight against climate change, now and after Brexit - and not follow the DUP and Donald Trump... Read more

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