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The European Parliamentary Labour Party brings together Labour MEPs as Labour's voice in Europe. The EPLP is an integral part of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and of the Labour Party. Labour's European Parliamentarians are your voice in Europe. They work to advance democracy, social justice, prosperity, peace and sustainable development in the UK, EU and throughout the world.


Labour MEPs safeguard health and environmental legislation from corporate challenges - 16/04/2014

Labour MEPs voted today for environmental, health and employment legislation to be safeguarded... ›› more

Labour MEPs vote to prevent spread of invasive alien species - 16/04/2014

Labour MEPs voted today to protect Britain's biodiversity from invasive alien species, backing... ›› more

Labour MEP attacks Putin's 'maskirovka' over Ukriane - 16/04/2014

Vladimir Putin was accused of the same 'maskirovka' or hiding of insignia as his own soldiers,... ›› more

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Labour MEPs stand up and fight campaigns on important issues that require international solutions. From tackling climate change and discrimination to protecting consumers and vulnerable people, Labour MEPs stand up for you in Europe. EPLP campaigns have brought about real changes to people's quality of life in Britain, around Europe and across the world.

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